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    How much mold do you have?


    What is mold? Mold is a natural fungus. It grows naturally outdoors and indoors. Mold can be found inside piles of leave, onto of decaying matter and even in the air through spores! Indoors, mold grows in darker places like behind a washer and dryer, in an attic or crawl space or inside leaky window sills.


    Its important to know how much mold is in your environment and what kind of mold is present so that you and your family are safe. DL Mold Removal of Venice can help you have peace of mind. We use the highest quality testing equipment and we have years of experience and knowledge to look for the signs of mold in your home.


    Mold is everywhere. Mold is so small that you can have have thousands of tiny spores in your breathing space, and not even know it. While mold grows it secretes gasses which you perceive as a 'moldy smell'. Many times mold can hide in crevices throughout your home and you wouldn't know it if not for the smell it give off. Perhaps you've only noticed the smell when it gets warm outside? Mold goes dormant in cold temperatures, much like grass, but when temperatures heat up, the mold begins to grow again giving off that odor.


    What if you smell and odor but don't see mold? You should as yourself some questions:

    • Is there something decaying in the room that is giving off that odor?
    • Have I recently spilled a substance around my home?
    • Have I done any recent update? like new carpet, paint or furniture?
    • Have there been any 'older' objects that have entered the space? Like books, antiques, or clothes?
    If you are unsure how to diagnose mold: Look for discoloration on the surface.
    Smell the room. Does it smell like mold?
    Is mold safe to keep inside your home?
    There is no research available to us, and not concrete numbers how how much old is ok to be around. We do know that mold effects people differently . Some people with asthma or allergies are very sensitive to mold. Some people experience issues breathing correctly when they're diagnosed with COPD or CHF. No matter the issue, DL Mold Removal Service has empathetic technicians to help you get past the mold. While there are no acceptable measurement that tell us what an acceptable amount of mold can be, we do know that it can be a scary experience. We do want to help.
    DL Mold Removal of Venice would love the opportunity to assess how much mold you have and the Cause of the mold. Remediation without addressing the cause of the old will surely allow the mold to come back. Our technicians are ready to address the mold the correct way so that you can get back to life as normal!
    Reach out to us today to receive a free estimate so that you and get your mold under control. We are passionate about helping you and really look forward to getting rid of your mold problem!

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