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    I have mold! How do I get rid it it?

    What is mold? Many people are surprised to find out that old isa natural thing. Mold is a fungus that grows both indoors and outdoors. We know what its like discover mold in your workplace, school, or home. Its scary. You never know what kind of mold it is, and its unsightly. Maybe you don't see the mold? Perhaps you just smell it. DL Mold Removal of Venice would love to diagnose and treat your mold issue right away!


    Mold likes to grow in the hidden spaces of your home. When you're ready to have it removed, the process is called "remediation'. Remediation involves removing the mold from the surfaces that it has grown on, and returning the air to levels of normal. Mold can grow on many porus surfaces, so the process of remediation will eliminate any impacted surfaces plus furniture, clothes and other items with mold growing.


    While mold is a natural fungus, it is imperative that remediation happen so that further damage to your home, school, or workplace does not happen. If mold is left untreated it can cause major detriments to your heath, and cause long term damage. Mold can also cause unsightly damage to your property if left untreated and cost you thousands of dollars in repair plus time and stress.


    Is it possible for mold to return after remediation? Yes. However, DL Mold Removal of Venice is experience enough to find the CAUSE of the mold and treat it. We look for the factors that lead to the mold and take care of it at the start. This ensures that you will not have to have another mold problem again.


    You may be inclined to take care of the mold problem yourself. Mold Remediation is a very taxing process and it is best left of professionals. DL Mold Removal of Venice educated and routines trains their technicians to be knowledgeable, friendly and empathetic to your situation.


    Our technicians will isolate the area with mold and clean up the superficial spores surrounding that area. We do control the airborne sores and remove any of the materials that are affected by the mold growth. We always do a heavy deep clean within our remediation service. DL Mold Removal of Venice will never cut corners. We deep clean any immovable surfaces and deep clean anything that is used to rebuild. We then take another pass of cleaning the air for any remaining spores.


    Following these steps can be taxing but DL Mold Removal of Venice is ready to take it on for your family's health and safety. Do not let your mold go unchecked any longer. If you smell something, call us. If you see something, call us. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your mold issue. We have been training our technicians since the founding of our company to be empathetic to your situation. It is scary. But we are here to help. Give us a shout today to get your free mold assessment.




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