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    DL Mold Removal of Venice provide mold removal at only the best prices. As members of the Better Business Bureau Customer Care Program and the Home Builders Association of Venice, we understand what it takes to be the best. DL Mold Removal of Venice, a Venice Mold Remidiation company is insured for your protection.


    DL Mold Removal of Venice is a Full Service Fence Company

    We are a full service mold remediation company with a passion for helping you get back to your old life. Mold is a natural fungus. Because its natural, it can grow anywhere. Mold can be unsightly and dangerous to your family. DL Mold Removal of Venice is trained to diagnose and treat all types of mold safely and effectively. We do indoor air quality checks, mold remediation and use only the best equipment for testing and removal of your mold. If you find mold growing it means that there is moisture present. We treat the mold and find the cause of the mold. Treating the cause ensures that the mold will not return.
    Most of the mold we find has been growing extensively for a long time. Do not wait to take care of your mold issue. If left untreated it can be harder to clean up. Mold can be found on any surfaces that have a porus texture. Have you found mold in your attic or crawlspace? Have you seen it growing below a leaky window? Maybe you've smelled the odor that the mold has given off, but can't find where the smell it coming from. Any of these cases, you should call DL Mold Removal of Venice. We specialize in hunting down the mold and the causes to leave your home in pristine condition.
    Depending on how much mold is present, our technicians can remediate the presence of mold in 1-7 days. We use antimicrobial techniques and only the best equipment. Our technicians are trained to be empathetic to your situation. They care about their job, and they're ready to take the mold out! Do not wait too call us. Many doctors agree that Mold is a dangerous air contaminate. Left untreated it can wreak havoc on the heath of your family and friends. People who are sensitive to mold could have allergies, asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues.
    DL Mold Removal of Venice is ready to take your mold and rid your home of the unsightly smell and look of the spores. We do clean the air as we clean up your mold. We also make sure to treat the cause of the mold.
    We know that finding mold can be a scary thing. Your fear is real and we want you to know that that we care. We want to see your mold gone and your home restored to its original state. Do not hesitate to reach out so that we can start to diagnose how your mold issue has affected your home, school or workplace. Lets work to gather to ensure the safety of your loved ones, your co workers, and your students.
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